Echoing The Surface

Echoing the Surface, 2016

3-channel video projection with audio, iridescent sheets, prisms, and pillows
1 hour 30 minute loop

My recent work uses the surfaces of digital video projections and iridescent

materials to explore the body’s ontological relationship to real and virtual spaces.

The time-based installations juxtapose the real and the virtual by extending

screen space into actual space. The installations project videos onto various

objects, surfaces, and walls.  Many of my works incorporate sculptural elements,

thus melding the phenomena of the real with the digital.

In my undergraduate thesis exhibition, Echoing the Surface, digital video

projections create an illusory synthesis of the real and the virtual through digitally

constructed layers of video. The videos depict performative gestures in nature,

and images of luminescent, textured surfaces. The gallery walls become a

meeting point where images from the digital plane become enmeshed with

images and spaces from our perceptual plane.

The purposeful layering and flattening of actual and digital elements in Echoing

the Surface illuminates a mystery of surface and interior/exterior relationships.

Timotheus Vermeulen, in The New Depthiness, states “Though the makeup of

the word “surface” suggest layers—the “sur”- and the “face” it does not

necessarily imply distance.” The work explores a collapsed cinematic space of

digital projections.  Iridescence acts as metaphor for the dialectics of the

Deleuzian fold, and interior and exterior negotiations.

Echoing the Surface seeks to distort the boundaries of surface by collapsing

multiple videos into a unified cinematic space.  The relationship between

material, light, and space is a focus in the work. In the installation, light passes

through objects and projects colorful, moving patterns on the surrounding walls.

The exploration of surface relates back to explorations of the phenomenology of

space and to the fluid perceptions of real and virtual localities.

All content on this website  © Maya VanderSchuit

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