imageimageIMG_1919 copy

Otherwhere, 2015

digital video projection, 4:22 minute loop, prisms, and pillows
Otherwhere, 2016, overlaps footage of an ambiguous figure within a desert
environment with videos of swirling water and color gradients. The layering of
video produces a digitally contrived landscape of fiction. The performativity of the
body within frame activates a spatiotemporal relationship to the screen, situating
viewers into a liminal, partial reality. Otherwhere employs prisms and lenses in
order to disrupt the ontological status of the image’s screen. The refracted light
from the projector’s beam becomes displaced, shifting the locus of the screen to
another surface.


Installation View: In Flux, April 9-29th 2016, SLP Gallery, University of San Diego     IMG_1917 copy

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