“A Virtual Body In A Simulated World–According To A Cartesian Plane” is a video art piece that places the body, clothed in a green screen suit and super-imposed with colorful animations of technology, in various natural environments. The piece serves as an artist’s critique of simulation, exploring the possibility of human experience occurring as a simulated and mediated version of itself.

Film footage takes the form of an imperfect rectangle, illusorily receding into the greater confines of the black widescreen set-up. Technology’s presence consumes the body and the human form becomes another modality of viewership within a pre-articulated framing system.
The sound design of this piece is largely influenced by Baudrillard’s theories of “hyper-realism” and “Simulation and Simulacra.” A combination of natural and artificial sounds have been mastered, edited, and compressed in order to create the impression of a mediated digital experience.

The sensorimotor experience is filtered through a digitized, simulated world.


All content on this website  © Maya VanderSchuit

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