A Parallel Collapse, 2014

digital video projection, 4:42 min loop

“A Parallel Collapse” is a continuation of my last video piece “A Virtual Body In A Simulated World–According To A Cartesian Plane.” The artist’s body is clothed in a green screen suit and super-imposed with a white matte still frame. The video footage has been edited and combined in such a way that the horizons disappear into each other– the two parallel worlds meld into one and occur simultaneously. The figure within the frame performs repetitive actions ranging from falling to walking in a line. The walking figure continually dissolves into a walking figure. The body appears in motion; however, it never accomplishes traversing a significant distance. The falling action is followed by another falling action. These two frames are juxtaposed next to each other, placing emphasis on the continual collapse action and the circular walking motion.



All content on this website  © Maya VanderSchuit

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