Human Body Time Machine, Directed by Aurora Lagattuta

The Human Body Time Machine is a “meditative playtime” for audience. This dance performance is an elaboration upon a similar project recently created in Japan inspired by the Sanbeski River. Immersive and exploratory in nature, the performance happens both inside, outside and around the Mandell Weiss Forum Theater. The performance communicates through material, sonic and mundane presences in a performance ecology that integrates fragments of the ‘everyday,’ virtuality, and imagination. This new work also features 22 dancers ages 18 to 76. The audience will receive a map that is their loose guide for navigating the playing spaces of the performance. They are free to walk, pause, saunter, jump, rest, stare off into space and wander back again throughout the show.

At its core, The Human Body Time Machine is an experiment. The work is curious. How separate are time and space? How mechanical and ordered is this human body? How does a shift in one’s relationship with their surroundings transform their experience of time, place and self? And then how does that shift occur again and again and again throughout the passing of time? We are hoping that it isn’t perfect, but it might be. Ultimately, this is up to you, fearless audience, to determine, play with, fail, quit, try out, and question. The dance lingers in your memories.

The Creative Team
Director –

Aurora Lagattuta

Music Composer – Kevin Zhang
Video Designer – Maya VanderSchuit

Scenic Designer – Hsi-An Chen
Lighting Designer – Minjoo Kim

Sound and Video Assistant – MaeAnn Ross
Production Stage Manager – Bryan Runion
Assistant Stage Manager – Biying Ding

The Cast : Leslie Armstrong, Alice Astarita, Leila Currah, Shelan Deloyi, Jo Elyn, Manuel Gonzalez, Sandy Huckleberry, Nicole Isabelle, Ella Jong, Mihwa Koo, Alisha Lenning, Leanna Long, Dulce Rodriguez-Ponciano, Sabrina Sauri, Jaime Shadowlight, Barbara Shea, Jade Solan, Clara Toledo, Crystal Wang, Tiange Zhou

Documentation Photographs © Maya VanderSchuit

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