(32.8428° N, 116.0797° W)


digital video projection, acrylic, glass


Sediment flows down the side of a desert mountain.  The mountain’s structure is unmade & re-made in the same moment. Its form oscillates, susceptible to external & internal influence. Out-of-frame, someone walks up the landscape and activates a slow moving landslide. Each progressive footfall slowly catalyzes erosion.


The body exerts its inadvertent influence. The body shifts local geologies. The body unmakes & makes landscape.  The density & motion of the body efficiently displace dust with or without intention.  The body cannot climb without exerting energy and influence. Here, the body & erosion are intertwined. 


Projected light and image form an abstracted, moving image.  In one fragmented video, erosion flows in accordance to the ontology of the landscape and the screen.  In another, the erosion shifts, and is flipped—ontologically linked to the light beam, the prism, a mirror.


video still from & DUST (32.8428° N, 116.0797° W), 2017. 



All content on this website  © Maya VanderSchuit

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