Maya VanderSchuit



digital video projection, canvas, paint


IMG_4125IMG_4126“We are always being led back to a new kind of correspondence or mutual expression, ‘interexpression,’ fold following fold” – Giles Deleuze, The Fold

Screen/Space/Surface, 2015, digital video projection, 1:10 minute loop, is an installation that converges real and digital space. Multiple layers of composited video is projected onto various white, textured canvases. The initial layer is a video within a video, depicting a performance with iridescent material that has been projected onto various surfaces. The “white space” within the frame has been digitally keyed out and replaced with a time lapse of a human figure walking through a landscape. The figure, donning a green screen morph suit, has been keyed out in a similar fashion to the “white space.” Video of pixelated iridescence has been placed to fill in the silhouette of the figure.  In physics, iridescence is termed thin film interference— the interaction of light waves on a surface creates the optical phenomenon of multiple colors occurring simultaneously as a result of diffracted light waves. Iridescence in the video projection is an illusion of the real. It exists only as an image; the viewer’s eye angle cannot change the color experience.

The screen space, consisting of various digital “textures” created with effects in Premier Pro, is a representation of the textures in the installation space. The screen and installation, thus, creates a sort of mise en abyme. Real space and digital space interact and converge in this simulated abyss of projections.

The screen, space, and surface of the installation fold in upon themselves in a Deleuzian manner. In The Fold, Deleuze analyzing the philosophy of Foucault, describes “It twists and turns the folds, takes them to infinity, fold upon fold, fold after fold… the fold goes to infinity”(227 Deleuze).  This sense of infinity, interiority and exteriority, relates to the phenomenology of the screen space and the visual phenomenon of iridescence. The texture of the digital projection meets the texture of the installation invents a self-reflexive tête-à-tête.


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