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r/v/l landscape

Maya VanderSchuit

Real/Virtual Luminescent Landscape, 2015

digital video projection, plastic, adhesive, and fan

“Real/Virtual Luminescent Landscape” is a video art piece that features choreographed interactions between the human form and the landscape of the Imperial Sand Dunes, digitally manipulated in post-production. The film has been projected onto a white wall covered in layered plastic. A fan is placed adjacent to the screen, blowing air onto the plastic. The screen makes a rustling sound as it moves from the manufactured wind. The light from the projector creates iridescence in the folds of the layered material. This iridescent quality is mimicked in the 2D, within the video footage. Tavi Meraud, in “Iridescence, Intimacies,” proposes iridescence as a sort of simultaneous real and virtual screen space. She states that “It is not merely the simple binary of real versus virtual, but rather the kind of vibrating virtuality that is unconcealed precisely by juxtaposition” (Meraud 4). The green screen morph-suit, keying effects, opaque video-layering creates a digital collage that explores the juxtaposition of real and virtual spaces.

Installation view:


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